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"We have designed a range of doorsets that provide safe solutions for residents and staff, with easy to specifiy door sets, that are quick to install, with locks that comply to UKCA, CE & Certifire"
Design Engineer
Anti Ligature Door Hardware Specialist

The New Ultra

The new Eclipse Ultra Range of Anti-ligature doorsets and accessories is for the Health Care Industry, supplied with the support of your local Architectural Ironmonger and specifier.  You can download brochures here.  You can contact us directly and we will help demonstrate, specify and locate you with a preferred local partner who can support your project throughout its development & build.


We work with UK and European engineers, designers and industry experts that have unique experience with developing specialist hardware products for the health care, custodial and special needs sectors. 

Understanding the environment

We have created 10 standard doorsets that meets the majority of project needs.  We can quickly and easily adapt to new situations using the range, creating new bespoke sets for the client.

Each doorset is delivered & presented as a boxed kit.  No need to doorset or gather components on site.

considered product design

We listen and learn.  There is no better consultant than the people that rely on our products.  We will attend specification meetings, discuss with staff and contribute to a solution that works for everyone.

EcoPure TiO2

We can provide Anti-Microbial Coating to the door hardware on request.  Preventing the transfer of bacteria and viruses from door handles, plates and pull handles is just one way to help protect staff and residents.  TiO2 is an anti-bacterial surface coating where no bacteria can survive.

product range

Eclipse Ultra Locks

The Eclipse Ultra Lock range consists of 5 locks. Each is UKCA, CE and Certifire tested. DIN EN12209, 80mm backset.
Bathroom Lock - latch or roller ball
Euro Sashlock
Second Entry Euro Sashlock
Auto Euro Lock
Roller Ball Euro Deadlock

Anti Barricade Door Sets

First and Second Entry lockcases use a combination of Panic Cylinders and Independent Override in the lock case to ensure safe entry in a room.

The Second Entry lock has an independent deadbolt override allowing for quick & easy access, without stress.

Anti Ligature Features

Each product has been tested by our own experts to TS001 with enhanced requirements. The range has been designed to meet our own higher standards, ensuring good grip & function, even with wet hands.

Anti Ligature Hinges

The Eclipse 14999 Thrust Bearing Hinge 102mmx76mm is Grade 14 tested.

The Eclipse Continuous hinge is 2m overall x2.5mm
200kg Max Weight Grade 304

Anti-Barricade Cylinder

Anti-Barricade Override euro cylinder turn kit. The Innovative Bowling Ball design, in conjunction with our override euro cylinder offers staff an independent override without a clutch.


The range of product and door locks provide specifiers the flexibilty to piece together custom solutions for their projects. Products and doorsets are not exclusive to Anti-ligature projects. The robust nature of the products make them suitable for schools, MOD, custodial and public buildings.

Eclipse ultra anti ligature

Simple Solutions in One Box